Finding the right gift for a younger kid can be tricky. Their interests seem to change like the weather and they have no qualms in showing their dissatisfaction with a “rubbish” gift. Buying a gift for a kid who has a close-in-age older sibling is even trickier as there is a big chance that they already have that toy in their house – if their sibling is the same sex then the odds are definitely stacked against you. We know that clothes might be a popular parent choice but not for the kid themselves. So here are our tips to buying for a kid who has an older sibling

  1. Think on trend: What are the latest, greatest versions of this year’s toys. Chances are if they’ve a sibling that’s older they may have all of the Paw Patrol toys from 2017 – so look at what’s been released since Christmas 2018.
  2. Think (just) outside the box: Kids toys are never stand alone. There’s always a collection or a theme. Looks to what the popular choice is and then get the toy beside it on the shelves. If Recut Bots are a kids must have then get rather than reaching for Optimus Prime reach for Chase after all every Optimus needs a side kick or a friend turned enemy to fight with.
  3. Think more of: Ageless and collection-style toys like zoobs, magna-tiles and lego can be used by all siblings and increasing collection size is always a winner. An easy way to play it safe but ensure that your money and effort doesn’t go to waste is to invest in “more of”
  4. Think cooperation: This one is a slight cheat but in our experience it works. Buy a gift that might be a little advanced for the younger sibling to manage on their own -Den building kits are a real win here. Siblings can enjoy the new toy together and might even have some time to bond inside before wrecking it and building something new.

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